Thinking about getting a new car?


Here’s another article from Nationwide Insurance that give us a few (obvious, but ignored)

Tips to help you in the search for the perfect car with the perfect deal.

Buying a car isn’t as easy as shopping for groceries. It’s a lot like buying a house.

There are many decisions to make and it shouldn’t be rushed into. So what do you do now?

First off, answer these questions: What do you want? What can you afford? Does that car fit your lifestyle and your budget? Used or new?

The new car could come with a warranty to cover repairs, lower maintenance costs and a greater choice in features, options and colors.

Should I have purchased flood insurance?

Tens of thousands of homeowners in the northeastern United States are battling with their insurance companies right now as they seek to recover from floods following Hurricane Irene. Areas not prone to flooding suddenly faced catastrophic damage, as waters surged down mountainsides, filled ravines and spilled over into small and often isolated communities. Our area in Langhorne, PA was not spared either. Flood Coverage Homeowners insurance covers against wind and rain damage, but many such homes received flood damage, a stipulation not covered by insurance companies. Flood insurance, available only through the federal government, is not something many people had considered as a necessity before Irene blew through.