Thinking about getting a new car?

If you were watching your favorite TV show last night, you probably couldn’t avoid the commercials from car companies and dealerships mentioning that “now” is the time to buy a car, and give you all of these “too good to be true” deals for a buy or a lease. Unfortunately, most of those deals come with the itty-bitty fine print that we all overlook, screwing us over in the end.

Here’s another article from Nationwide Insurance that give us a few (obvious, but ignored)

Tips to help you in the search for the perfect car with the perfect deal.

Buying a car isn’t as easy as shopping for groceries. It’s a lot like buying a house.

There are many decisions to make and it shouldn’t be rushed into. So what do you do now?

First off, answer these questions:

  • What do you want?
  • What can you afford?
  • Does that car fit your lifestyle and your budget?
  • Used or new?

The new car could come with a warranty to cover repairs, lower maintenance costs and a greater choice in features, options and colors. However, the used could have a lower purchase price and insurance cost and less depreciation.

Next, do some research. You’ll be in a much better bargaining position with a private seller or dealer if you’re armed with information like:

  • New and used car prices and features
  • Vehicle safety and reliability data
  • Used-car history
  • Owner satisfaction ratings

Be sure to make your most important decisions – such as what you can afford and what you will and won’t compromise on – before you start shopping. That way the only bumps you should experience are the ones in the road.

Speaking of bumps, make sure that when you get a car you get it insured immediately!!! You don’t want to run into anything without being covered, because that can not only cause a bump in your car, but a bump in your life.

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